Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Jet Set Wario!

Howdy - back with another post celebrating 10 years of JetSetRadio - but this is out most unique post yet...the video below shows a very cool Wario Ware mini game themed around Jet Set Radio - totally awesome and fully playable, put together by my multi-talented buddy Catherine Woolley. Check out the cool vid and hopefully I'll update shortly with a link on how to get the game onto your copy of WarioWare DIY if u have a DS. nice.

Artist - Catherine Woolley

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More of the good stuff

Artist - Sean Hood

Back again with a super sweet logotype piece by Mr. Sean Hood, with some sweet crisp JSR action. Makes me wanna do another pinup with this logo! I think he's gonna be updating this with perhaps a character or two, but wants me to put it up here for now, so here it is. very cool

Still more to come!