Sunday, 21 March 2010

JSR 10 Teaser

Hi! Almost 10 years ago a game launched on the Sega Dreamcast that was so funky, frenetic and flat out fun that it tagged everyones eyeballs with it's unique style and gameplay. It was followed by a fantastic sequel, but here and now I want to focus on the original that started it all - JET SET RADIO! Hard to believe, but this summer it will be the Ten year anniversary of the launch of JSR in Japan, and to celebrate, I thought I'd kick off this blog. Check out Jet Set on any search engine and you'll find a plethora of punchy fan art, amazing images by fans clearly as captivated by the world of Jet Set Radio as I am today. And I want to see more - so what better excuse for us all to create some fresh new JSR images than the anniversary! This teaser poster is just to start us off, what I aim to produce is another image that doesn't just focus on the lovely Gum, but shows off all the games characters...and I'd love to see all you amazing artists do the same. So if you wanna get involved, then gimme a shout - leave a comment here and I'll add you to the featured artists links on the right.....then come June, the idea is that we all post our artwork up here, and this blog will be the number 1 place to check out a selection of awesome Jet Set Radio 10th anniversary posters. Who know's? It may kick start something bigger....Jet Set on XBLA, Wii....a brand new JSR....hey, I can dream :)