Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Artist - Ross Burt

OK...so it's kinda not the 29th anymore here in the UK....but there's still plenty of places where it's still the 10th anniversary of one of my favourite video games, so I'm not too late. kinda :)

So here is my pin-up, celebrating the release of the original Jet Set Radio 10 years ago today in Japan. It's been tough but loads of fun drawing the GGs....the cast of crazy cool characters was always one of the main attractions of the game for me, so when I decided to do this I was sure I would want to draw as many of them as possible. I got all 10 GG's....I could have squeezed in professor K, enemy gangs, the police, pooch.....but that might take me forever, so I'm pretty happy just fitting these guys in..... I'm pretty sure JSR will be announced for XBLA very soon....I was hoping that SEGA might use this tenth anniversary date to spring the news on us, but no joy. It's coming. Gotta be.

Sooo....big MEGA thanks to everyone who has submitted pics, or is still scribbling away, it's been awesome checking out everyone's stuff, and great just to be chatting about JSR again. There's definitely a few more cool things to come to this blog before we're done.

Hope y'all like the pic!

Artist - Robotnicc

Here's another awesome piece of artwork....ok, it might be JSRF styled, but it's too cool not to have up here, so thanks to robotnicc for a super stylish pinup!

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