Saturday, 12 June 2010


It's almost the tenth anniversary of....some game or something :)

First up - SEGA have announced that DreamCast games are coming to xbox live arcade, with Crazy Taxi and Sonic already can surely only be a matter of time before Jet Set Radio is also on that list, and I've got my fingers crossed that they announce it at E3 this week!

Here's a shout out on Kotaku of the dreamcast games they wanna see make the cut...

Second up - we already h
ave a couple of submissions celebrating 10 years of jet set...or more specifically Garam, who seems to be a favourite among these artists below! Great to see that the game still gets people excited, and even better that it gets them drawing!


- BlacktotheFuture

Artist - SilentLaws

A big thanks to SilentLaws, BlacktotheFuture, and Skye for being the first artists to pull a 10th anniversary pic out of the bag, cool stuff.....drop me a shout in the comments or on deviantart or wherever if u have a pic for me to stick up all I need to do is go and get my pic done!

Back Soon!

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