Saturday, 16 April 2011

Anniversary Poster - Redux!


Ok , so the anniversary of your favourite game and mine - JET SET RAAAADIOOOO - was almost a year ago now, but I'm back with a couple of things. First up, my good buddy Chris finished off his pic recently, and it was so cool I wanted to stick it up here. Second, I looked back at my poster and wasn't quite happy with it, maybe rushed it a little for the deadline, so I decided to go back and retouch it, work on the lighting more - so here it is, and I think you'll agree it's much improved, more dramatic and exciting.

Still no sign of Jet Set Radio on xbox live, but I live in hope. :)

Stay Funky!

Artist - Chris Brincat

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Jet Set Wario!

Howdy - back with another post celebrating 10 years of JetSetRadio - but this is out most unique post yet...the video below shows a very cool Wario Ware mini game themed around Jet Set Radio - totally awesome and fully playable, put together by my multi-talented buddy Catherine Woolley. Check out the cool vid and hopefully I'll update shortly with a link on how to get the game onto your copy of WarioWare DIY if u have a DS. nice.

Artist - Catherine Woolley

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More of the good stuff

Artist - Sean Hood

Back again with a super sweet logotype piece by Mr. Sean Hood, with some sweet crisp JSR action. Makes me wanna do another pinup with this logo! I think he's gonna be updating this with perhaps a character or two, but wants me to put it up here for now, so here it is. very cool

Still more to come!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Artist - Ross Burt it's kinda not the 29th anymore here in the UK....but there's still plenty of places where it's still the 10th anniversary of one of my favourite video games, so I'm not too late. kinda :)

So here is my pin-up, celebrating the release of the original Jet Set Radio 10 years ago today in Japan. It's been tough but loads of fun drawing the GGs....the cast of crazy cool characters was always one of the main attractions of the game for me, so when I decided to do this I was sure I would want to draw as many of them as possible. I got all 10 GG's....I could have squeezed in professor K, enemy gangs, the police, pooch.....but that might take me forever, so I'm pretty happy just fitting these guys in..... I'm pretty sure JSR will be announced for XBLA very soon....I was hoping that SEGA might use this tenth anniversary date to spring the news on us, but no joy. It's coming. Gotta be.

Sooo....big MEGA thanks to everyone who has submitted pics, or is still scribbling away, it's been awesome checking out everyone's stuff, and great just to be chatting about JSR again. There's definitely a few more cool things to come to this blog before we're done.

Hope y'all like the pic!

Artist - Robotnicc

Here's another awesome piece of artwork....ok, it might be JSRF styled, but it's too cool not to have up here, so thanks to robotnicc for a super stylish pinup!

!! 10 !!

JEEEET SEEEET RAAAAAAAAADIO! Today is the day! 10 years ago today JSR launched on the dreamcast in Japan, and we are here to celebrate that with some funkynew art inspired by one of the funkiest games ever made. Hopefully I'll be posting a few new images and other cool bits today, tomorrow, and the rest of this week...with my own coming later tonight, for now, here's a sweet little number from Mr.Gordon Brown himself. No, not the ex prime minister, although I'm sure he's a fan :)

Artist -
Gordon Brown

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Year of the GG's

Another awesome pin-up, this time thanks to Prinii, great to see the GG gang in there. I'm hoping to get some more funky submissions from u folks out there over the next few days - it's not too late, you could do one over the weekend and still make the big day! Gimme a shout if u fancy scribblin up some JSR goodness!

Now all I have to do is knuckle down and finish my own pin-up! Not long to go....

Artist - Prinii

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Artist - Wynturtle


Got a couple more submissions in the past couple of days , and they were so cool that I couldn't hold them back, had to post them up here mega fast - so feast your eyes on the great pieces of artwork - a big thanks to WynTurtle and Dr.Valentine for these - if u wanna check out more of their artwork then hit the links on the right.

More funky new artwork coming soon, keep those submissions coming!

Artist - Dr.Valentine

Saturday, 12 June 2010


It's almost the tenth anniversary of....some game or something :)

First up - SEGA have announced that DreamCast games are coming to xbox live arcade, with Crazy Taxi and Sonic already can surely only be a matter of time before Jet Set Radio is also on that list, and I've got my fingers crossed that they announce it at E3 this week!

Here's a shout out on Kotaku of the dreamcast games they wanna see make the cut...

Second up - we already h
ave a couple of submissions celebrating 10 years of jet set...or more specifically Garam, who seems to be a favourite among these artists below! Great to see that the game still gets people excited, and even better that it gets them drawing!


- BlacktotheFuture

Artist - SilentLaws

A big thanks to SilentLaws, BlacktotheFuture, and Skye for being the first artists to pull a 10th anniversary pic out of the bag, cool stuff.....drop me a shout in the comments or on deviantart or wherever if u have a pic for me to stick up all I need to do is go and get my pic done!

Back Soon!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

JSR 10 Teaser

Hi! Almost 10 years ago a game launched on the Sega Dreamcast that was so funky, frenetic and flat out fun that it tagged everyones eyeballs with it's unique style and gameplay. It was followed by a fantastic sequel, but here and now I want to focus on the original that started it all - JET SET RADIO! Hard to believe, but this summer it will be the Ten year anniversary of the launch of JSR in Japan, and to celebrate, I thought I'd kick off this blog. Check out Jet Set on any search engine and you'll find a plethora of punchy fan art, amazing images by fans clearly as captivated by the world of Jet Set Radio as I am today. And I want to see more - so what better excuse for us all to create some fresh new JSR images than the anniversary! This teaser poster is just to start us off, what I aim to produce is another image that doesn't just focus on the lovely Gum, but shows off all the games characters...and I'd love to see all you amazing artists do the same. So if you wanna get involved, then gimme a shout - leave a comment here and I'll add you to the featured artists links on the right.....then come June, the idea is that we all post our artwork up here, and this blog will be the number 1 place to check out a selection of awesome Jet Set Radio 10th anniversary posters. Who know's? It may kick start something bigger....Jet Set on XBLA, Wii....a brand new JSR....hey, I can dream :)